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Terms & Conditions

Interpretation and application

  1. In these terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) “We”, “I”, “Us” or “Our” means Driving Craft –
  2. “You”, “Your” or client means you the customer.
  3. You must read these Conditions in full as they set out the complete terms upon which we have agreed to provide driving lesson tuition and you have agreed to obtain driving lesson tuition from Driving Craft.
  4. We reserve the right to charge for any lessons, tuition, or driver training affected by your failure to comply with any of these Conditions

2. Driving Lesson, Driving Tuition and Driving Training (“Lesson”)

  1. Driving Craft offer driving lesson, tuition and driving training with a DVSA approved Driving Craft Instructor (“Your Driving Instructor”).

3. Driving Instructor

  1. Your Driving Instructor has been approved and licence to legally provide driving lesson by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), an executive agency of the Department of Transport (DofT). Your Driving Instructor is named on the official register of approved driving instructors and can be located at
  2. Your Driving Instructor abides by a professional code of practice as described and published by the DVSA. DVSA Code

4. Insurance

  1. Your Instructor will carry the appropriate motor insurance and be able to provide such documentation, should you be involved in an incident or accident, whilst under the supervision of your Instructor.

5. Entitlement to Drive

  1. The client must hold a current, valid driving licence that entitles them to drive in the UK, or who hold a valid UK provisional driving licence (“Licence”)
  2. You must satisfy the requirements of medical fitness to drive, including being able to read a number plate at the prescribed distance. (20 metres)
  3. Any points, endorsements, driving bans, convictions, or restrictions of any kind on your licence must be notified to The Driving School, Driving Instructor immediately.
  4. The driving licence must be produced at the client’s first driving lesson and it will also be checked periodically by the Driving Instructor.
  5. Any medical condition or disability that may affect your ability or entitlement to drive must be notified to the Driving School immediately.
  6. Your Instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide you with driving lesson(s) or to cancel any lessons you have agreed to or booked, without liability, if you fail to provide him/her with your licence prior to your first lesson.
  7. Your lesson(s) are governed by a contract between you and your Instructor. Accordingly, you and your instructor are responsible for arranging the date, time, pick-up location and duration of your lesson(s).
  8. You will treat your instructor with respect and follow your Instructor’s reasonable instructions, particularly regarding matters affecting your health and safety or the health and safety of others.

6. Behaviour

  1. The Driving Instructor & The Driving School will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse, whether directed at the Driving Instructor, a Driving Examiner, or any other road user.
  2. The Driving Instructor reserves the right to terminate any lesson(s) at any stage should in their sole opinion, feel that it is inappropriate to continue because of the client’s behaviour, sobriety, or state of mind. In these circumstances the lesson fee is forfeit, and it is at the instructor’s sole discretion as to whether further transport is provided. The instructor or The Driving School is not liable for any cost of transportation procured by the client or arising thereof.

7. Lesson payments prices, charges and changes.

  1. The client will be supplied with details of tuition before or on the first driving lesson.
  2. All lessons must be paid for either in advance, or at the start of the lesson, credit is not offered.
  3. Any alteration of tuition fees will always be notified in advance and a copy of the new fees supplied as soon as practicable.
  4. Payments may be made by cash, bank transfer or payment card.
  5. Credit or debit card payments for amount(s) of less than £50.00 will be subject to a surcharge of 2%.
    In the event of a card transaction being returned by your bank, an additional charge will be made of £25.00 to cover bank charges and administration costs incurred.
  6. Any client booking a 1- or 2-day intensive course, or 4 or more hours consecutively (including time for a driving test appointments) in any 7-day period, will be asked to pay in full at least 7 days in advance of the first lesson of the booking. This will be treated as an affirmed booking and if any of the time booked is cancelled after the due payment date, the fee will be forfeit.
  7. Any client booking an intensive course of 3 days or above will be required to pay in full at least 21 days prior to the course start date. This will be treated as an affirmed booking and if any of the time booked is cancelled less than 14 days before the first day of the course, the fee will be forfeit.

8. Lesson Cancellation Policy

  1. You must give your Driving Instructor at least two working days’ notice (excluding Saturdays, Sunday’s, and Bank Holidays) (the “Minimum Notice”) if you wish to cancel or rearrange a driving lesson, otherwise you will be liable to pay for 100% of the lesson fee.
  2. Any pre-paid driving lesson(s), which are cancelled, fail to attend, or whereby you fail to abide by the terms of minimum notice to cancel or rearrange a lesson(s), will be counted as a lesson taken for the purposes of the lesson cancellation policy and you will be liable for the 100% of lesson fee.
  3. You will not be able to sell or transfer any driving lessons which you have pre-paid, to any third party, without first obtaining prior written consent from the Driving School or Driving Instructor.
  4. The Driving School reserve the right to impose a longer period of notice required for the cancellation of appointments, on any client who consistently cancel lesson(s) and to insist on prepayment for all appointments.

9. Appointment Times

  1. The client should keep a record of appointment dates and times, to avoid missing appointments. (appointment cards are available)
  2. The Driving Instructor will wait 10 minutes after the appointment time before deeming the lesson to have been cancelled with insufficient notice.
  3. The Driving Instructor will make every effort to be punctual, however traffic conditions may sometimes make this difficult, so the client should allow a 10-minute waiting period, should the Driving Instructor not have arrived, or contacted the client during the 10-minute waiting period, at which point the client should regard the lesson as cancelled and subject to rescheduling.
  4. The lesson will commence either at the appointed time, or the time that the Driving Instructor arrives, if that is later.

10. Postponement of Lesson(s) by The Driving School or Instructor

  1. Lesson(s) might sometimes need to be postponed at short notice due to illness, mechanical breakdown or some other emergency or unforeseen occurrence, in such circumstances a mutually agreeable alternative appointment will be made.
  2. Every effort will be made to notify the client of the postponement as soon as practicable, however in some circumstances it may be difficult to notify the client in advance of their appointment time.
  3. In all other circumstances The Driving School will endeavour to keep all appointments, however when it is necessary to alter an appointment a minimum of 24 hours’ notice will be given.

11. Change of Tuition Vehicle

  1. Tuition vehicles are periodically changed, either permanently, when a vehicle is sold, or temporarily, due to mechanical or other problems. When it is necessary to use a replacement vehicle for a driving test, every effort will be made to give the client as much notice as possible, in order that time can be arranged for familiarisation with the new vehicle, however, in the case of replacement due to mechanical problems this may not always be possible.
  2. The Driving School will not be responsible for any losses (e.g. test fees) if the client chooses to decline lessons in the replacement vehicle.

12. Driving Tests

  1. Driving Tests should not be booked without first ascertaining the availability of your Driving Instructor and the Instructional Vehicle, as well as an agreement reached with your Driving Instructor, that you are test ready for the driving test. (“being test ready”)
  2. Clients should notify their Driving Instructor of the time, date, and location of their driving test as soon as practicable and the appointment letter must be shown to your Driving Instructor for verification on the next driving lesson.
  3. No responsibility will be taken by The Driving School for incorrect bookings unless the driving test appointment letter is produced.
  4. No responsibility will be taken by the Driving School for driving tests booked at times when the Driving Instructor is unavailable.
  5. Clients will only be allowed the use of the Driving School car for a driving test if the Driving Instructor agrees that the client is at test standard.
  6. In the interests of road safety, The Driving School reserves the right to withdraw the use of their car for the driving test, when in the driving instructor’s sole opinion, you are not at a test standard. (“being test ready”)
  7. Where the use of the Driving School car is withheld for a driving test, the Driving Instructor will where possible give the client sufficient notice to enable them to cancel the test without loss of the test fee, this may not always be possible when the course of tuition is of an intensive nature.
  8. No responsibility will be taken by The Driving School of the Driving Instructor for withdrawing the use of car for the driving test when, in their sole opinion the Driving Instructor has assesses the client, as not being ready for test.

13. Supervision

  1. For the purposes of assessing, maintaining and improving standards, it may occasionally be necessary for another Driving Instructor or Driving Examiner to observe a Driving Instructor giving tuition. The client may expect an observer to be present on any of their lessons, notice of this would usually be given in advance of the lesson, however this might not always be possible.
  2. Driving Examiners are periodically supervised conducting driving tests, therefore the client might be accompanied on their driving test by a supervising examiner, this is a legal requirement.

14. Cancelled Driving Tests

  1. When a driving test is cancelled or cannot be conducted on the day of your test due to mechanical failure of the Driving School vehicle, illness of the Driving Instructor or any other reason that is the responsibility of The Driving School, then you will be entitled to the cost of their next driving test fee, paid for by The Driving School, this is irrespective of whether the client continues to have driving lessons with The Driving School.
  2. The next driving test fee will not be paid for by The Driving School if the client is given sufficient notice to cancel their driving test appointment without loss of the test fee.
  3. The Driving School will not be responsible for any additional lesson(s) fees incurred whilst waiting for the next driving test appointment. The Driving School have no control over driving tests cancelled by DVSA.
  4. When a driving test is cancelled by DVSA the full fees due to The Driving School for driving lessons and the use of the car for the driving test are still payable in full, unless cancelled in accordance with the normal period of notice.
  5. When DVSA cancel a driving test because there is not an examiner available, it may be possible to claim back any losses incurred by the you, including a proportion of lesson fees, this is the responsibility of the client, not The Driving School.
  6. When a driving test is cancelled because the client’s documents are not in order the full fees due to The Driving School for Driving Lessons and the use of the car for the driving test are still payable in full, unless cancelled in accordance with the normal period of notice.

15.  Client’s Property

  1. The client is responsible for the care of any property they have with them when attending a driving lesson or driving test and should ensure they do not leave anything behind.
  2. The Driving Instructor and The Driving School will take no responsibility for any loss of, or damage to any property belonging to, or in the possession of the client.

16. Refunds

  1. When a client pays in advance for lessons, they shall be entitled to a refund at any time, of any monies for unused lessons. (Subject to section 16b and c below)
  2. When a discount has been given for the prepayment of lessons and a refund is requested, then lessons taken by the client will be charged at the full single lesson hourly rate and the balance refunded.
  3. If you are entitled to any refund, you will be required to pay an administration charge of up to £20 to process the refund (the “Refund Charge”). The Refund Charge will be deducted from each refund that is paid back to You.
  4. Gift Vouchers must be used within twelve months of purchase and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

17. Legal Liability

  1. You, in accordance with road traffic law, are legally responsible for any traffic offences that occurs whilst you’re in charge of the vehicle.
  2. The Driving Instructor will endeavour to train you to the highest possible standard, however they cannot be held responsible for the standard of driving or any errors that are committed whilst they are not giving tuition, either before or after the client passes a driving test.
  3. If the client is not happy with any aspect of tuition, or of the standard of service offered, they should either raise the matter with their Driving Instructor, or if they prefer with The Driving School, with the minimum delay, and not later than seven days from the date of the cause of the complaint.
  4. Every effort will be made by the Driving Instructor / Driving School to resolve any complaint or issue.