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Safe and Systematic Learning Experience

At Driving Craft you'll be taught everything you need to learn to drive by David Brough, Approved Driving Instructor, registered with the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), providing you with driving lessons in Rugby, Daventry, Southam and surrounding villages.


These are the words you want to hear, “I’m pleased to say, you’ve passed!” 

Driving Craft is the driving school that will make this happen and bring your goal of a driving licence to reality.

Driving Craft teaches safe driving principles, tailoring your lesson plan, providing you with an understanding of road-safe driving rules, manoeuvres skills and the essential knowledge you need to pass your driving test at either Rugby or Warwick Test Centre.

Driving Craft provides you with a safe, person centred learning environment. That’s why at Driving Craft your driving lessons are tailored around your learning needs, both personal and emotional. In a calm and creative learning environment you will be quickly find your feet, supportively encouraged as you develop your newfound driving ability.

So when you're thinking, "Is there a driving instructor near me?" chose Driving Craft for your driving lessons and the Driving Craft learning experience, is one you’ll always remember and it'll all you’ll need to pass your driving test.

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Driving Craft will provide you with a first-class learner driver experience in Rugby, Daventry, Southam and surrounding villages.


 Driving lessons are charged in either 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr blocks and there is the option of an intensive driving course. These can be offered in block of 10hrs, 20hrs, 30hrs or even 40hrs. On average it takes 45hrs of instructional driving lessons and a further 22hrs of supervised driving to learn to drive. (https://www.safedrivingforlife.info/taking-your-practical-driving-test)


There’s a full variety of options for driving lessons, that are available here at Driving Craft and are listed below.


£27.00 - Single hour, 1-2-1 driving lesson.

£54.00 - Two hours, 1-2-1 driving lesson.

£250.00, block driving lessons booking discount for 10 hours of 1-2-1 driving lessons.

When you purchase a driving lesson through Driving Craft you will receive 1-2-1 tuition, in a safe learning environment. Your driving instruction will be provided in a systematic method, promoting your learning requirements and personal goals. A record of your progress and time spent learning will be recorded and maintained by your driving instructor, encouraging personal development and growth as a modern driver.


Weekly Intensive Driving*


£108.00 - four hour block of 1-2-1 driving lesson.

£156.00 - six hour block of 1-2-1 driving lesson.


*An intensive driving course provides high-intensity blocks of driving lessons in a 1-2-1 learning environment. In choosing a 4hr or 6hr package, you we will be able to uniquely plan your learning goals to meet your practical test date, as well as staying within budget.


£180.00 (6hrs Driving Lesson)

The DVSA Pass Plus driving course is provided with a minimum of 6 hours of 1-2-1 driving lessons, from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), who is registered with the DVSA. The driving modules will cover urban, rural and fast roads, night driving, all weather driving and motorway driving. You’ll get a training report from your driving instructor and when you’ve reached the required standards; you can then apply for a certificate and for insurance discounts. (Conditions apply, please ask for further details)


£30.00ph 1-2-1 Driving Assessment and Driving Lesson

(Recommended 2hrs) 

Defensive Driving Lessons explore your driving ability and habits through an initial driving assessment. The aim is to identify your driving strengths and weakness in your road style and driving presence. It will allow you to gather greater spatial awareness, objective identification, as well as intelligence information linking. This would be an ideal course if you're a nervous driver or feel particularly vulnerable during certain times of driving, your business journey or particular locations during a journey. Choosing a different road position or driving style can enhance your driving safety as well as your driving enjoyment (Conditions apply, please ask for further details)


£32.00ph 1-2-1 Driving Assessment / Driving Lessons. (Recommended 2hrs)

Fault Accident

Non-Fault Accident

Witness/ Passenger Anxiety

In the UK there are 1000's of accidents every week, with a staggering 170,933 causality accidents in 2017 alone. It can be terrifying to drive again or just being a passenger. If you've been involved in an accident, then Driving Craft offers you the opportunity and the support needed to get back in the driving seat. Through careful assessment and a structured approach, paying particular attention to your driving needs, a strategy will be devised at a pace which supports recovery. The anxiety felt from an accident or near miss can be frightening when faced, which is why you won't be doing it alone. Make contact today and start the process of getting back on the road.

(Data provided by - https://www.gov.uk)


£27.00 - Single hour of 1-2-1 driving lesson.

£54.00 Two hours of 1-2-1 driving lesson

£250.00, driving lesson block booking discount for 10 hours of 1-2-1 driving lessons.







ADD and associated conditions

Learning to drive should never be the barrier to obtaining a full driving licence. That’s why here at Driving Craft, specific attention is given to the learning and educational needs of every student driver. In partnership with parents/carers and established support, a training plan will be created that provides ongoing supportive learning towards the goal of a driving licence. (Conditions apply, please ask for further details)


(All Information is strictly maintained and controlled within current Data Protection Laws and guidelines. A copy of the Driving Craft Policy can be provided upon request)

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